School Program

The NYC Department of Education operates a school on the Lifeline campus for5-18 year old children and youth. Students are grouped in small classes with 6-8 children per class, and are supervised by a Certified Special Education Teacher and two Assistant Teachers. All families are assigned clinician’s (social worker or psychologist) and are offered individual and group therapy.

Lifeline accepts students with a wide range of psychiatric diagnoses. Children considered for admission may be fearful, anxious, depressed, withdrawn, psychotic or autistic-like, hyperactive, impulsive, and may have expressive and/or receptive language delays.

The primary purpose of all programs at Lifeline is to provide comprehensive clinical services and daily special education classes for those seriously emotionally disturbed children for whom no other suitable programs are available. These services are offered on an outpatient basis with the hope that the children will eventually be able to leave Lifeline and attend regular or less restrictive programs.

Each child’s daily program includes small and highly structured classes which allow for individualized attention and instruction. Additional services may include: Individual and Group Therapy, Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapies, Psychological Testing, Psychiatric Intervention and Medication Management. All children are under the direct care of a primary therapist. In the school age program, social work, psychological and psychiatric services are provided by Lifeline staff. Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapies are provided by the NYC Department of Education.

Lifeline’s therapeutic milieu reflects a nurturing environment where the child’s pathology and disordered behaviors are understood and addressed with sensitivity and professionalism.

The multi-disciplinary clinical and educational staffs are fully integrated with conferences taking place several times per week.

Lifeline enjoys an outstanding reputation among professional and regulatory agencies. We are proud to report that since its inception, Lifeline has enabled the vast majority of the children it has served to integrate into public schools in their communities.